Somerset Nursing Home

People living at our Somerset Nursing Home in Frome which is part of Evolve Care Group got involved with Universal Children’s Day, which is held annually every 20th November. The aim of the day is to promote awareness of the human rights and wellbeing of the world’s children.

Grandchildren and even great-grandchildren of people living at the home visited and enjoyed homemade cake and drinks from the chef, while everyone loved seeing the children running around and exploring the cosy, homelike environment.

Margaret Rhodes, Frome Nursing Home’s manager, said: “Universal Children’s Day was a great day and even people who don’t have grandchildren of their own really enjoyed the sight and sound of them having fun in and around our home. It also reminded us of the plight of so many children in the world who sadly do not have the same freedoms and opportunities that most of our children have, because of poverty, war or natural disasters.”

Our Somerset Nursing Home in Frome looks after 60 people and is currently recruiting nurses and care workers to join its award winning team and benefit from the many training and career opportunities on offer.

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