Moving home can be daunting and overwhelming, at Frome Nursing Home, we have a few ways to make this move easier for you.

Your Life History

The most important part of your move is telling us about your life. At Frome Nursing Home you are not just a name or a number but a valued member of our family. We want to know what your likes and dislikes are, when you get up and go to bed, your past career and so much more. This way we can offer a personalised care plan and help you feel that it is truly your home. We can join you celebrating special events in your life and can ensure we enable you to enjoy personalised “meaningful occupations”, planned events and engaging in the wider community.

Surround yourself with Familiarity 

A care home has many people living together, but this is still your home so needs personalisation. We ensure you wake up with your photos on your wall, your lamp on your bedside table, your choice of music playing and your favourite book waiting to be read. It’s an adjustment for everyone, so we encourage you to bring cherished items as you would when moving house to make sure your new home is familiar and comforting; this includes asking to redecorate your room to your personal taste.

Friends & Family

Your home should also be a place to welcome your friends and family. It’s always a pleasure to get to know your family and friends, and welcome them into the home any time of the day, there are no set “visiting hours” – this is your home. Your family can stay for mealtimes with you, stay the night if you are unwell and be as much a part of your life as they always have been. Moving into a care home should not make a difference to this.