Finding your Place: Stepping into a new phase of life by moving into a care home can be both a profound and daunting transition. We understand that this step marks a significant life change which is where our commitment lies in crafting an environment that resonates with a warm, welcoming and nurturing community that residents, who we affectionately refer to as family members, can call home. Our compassionate team are dedicated to fostering a family-like atmosphere and never leaving anyone feeling like strangers in a foreign land.

Embarking on the journey of finding the right care home can be overwhelming, with so many factors to consider. Often times, the consideration of home aesthetics, gardens and activities take the spotlight, which are important, however, in the search for a care home, the quality of holistic care associated with the quality of training provided should never be overlooked.

When considering a care home, an important question to ask is “what additional training do you offer beyond the Care Certificate, and is there a continuous training programme in place?”

 Our Training

Frome Nursing Home is part of the Evolve Care Group, which in 2015 made an investment in  establishing a Care Academy.  The training centre of Evolve Care Academy in Bristol provides bespoke training for all team members, emphasising a comprehensive understanding of a holistic approach to care, an approach that considers the entire person – physically, mentally, emotionally and socially – rather than focusing only on the specific symptoms or diagnosis. 

 Our Care

Our model of care brings a heartfelt change to the care sector, focusing on turning a care facility into a welcoming home. Our aptly named “household” model of care is an approach that seeks to create an environment and care support that closely resembles a traditional home setting for individuals no longer able to live on their own. It aims to foster a sense of belonging, autonomy, and well-being by designing our support and environment to mimic the experience of living at home. Instead of the usual clinical settings, this approach strives to make the people in our care feel like they’re truly at home, surrounded by warmth and familiarity.

Our Support

We understand the multilayered challenges in finding a care home – the most difficult of which being the realisation that care is needed for in the first place. Our priority is to provide guidance and support as you navigate the emotional process of choosing the right care home.  Understanding the emotional complexities involved, we offer an arranging support team that stands by you every step of the way, offering guidance and understanding.

In the search for the right care home, it is essential to prioritise what truly matters to you, to your loved one’s needs, looking beyond surface features like aesthetics, and look at the heart of a care home which lies in the quality of care and the compassion of its team. 

If you are curious about life at Frome Nursing Home and would like to hear more about our model of care then we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to give us a call at 01373 473113 or email us at In the meantime, please feel free to flick through our photo album  Frome Life Captured that tells a story without words. This collection of images provides an intimate glimpse into the everyday life within our home, showcasing the continuation of life and authenticity that define our community.