All at Frome Nursing Home were thrilled to invite Joe Brampton, otherwise known as Joe the Singer or Joe’s Time Flies Music, into the home on December, 6th to entertain and excite the residents, endearingly referred to as Family Members.

Joe performs at residential care homes (among other venues) around the Somerset/Wells area and has said it’s his “goal to make people smile with the music from their favourite decades”. Performing songs from artists like Elvis Presley to Bob Marley; his extensive repertoire certainly made Frome Nursing Home’s family members happy as they danced along to the tunes together. Joe is quickly becoming the home’s regular entertainer as this is now his 3rd time keeping the family and team members entertained.

The fun didn’t just stop with music from across the decades. In honour of the festive season, Joe performed a few familiar Christmas tunes for the home. This, with the presence of a mince pie or two, ensured the family members felt the love this holiday season. They were singing and clapping along and could be seen dancing with one another. A sense of community and family is imperative for those in care as it promotes a sense of belonging and grounding.

Music has the power to evoke emotions and memories. Listening to familiar tunes can trigger positive emotions and memories, providing a sense of joy and connection for individuals with dementia. The positive effects of music on our family members can extend beyond the duration of the music session, providing a lasting impact on mood, behaviour, and overall well-being.

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