The aroma of freshly cooked fish and chips in our home, can conjure a wave of positive emotions for those living with us. These may include a sense of comfort and happiness even if the specific memories are not readily recognised. That first satisfying crunch can transport individuals back to simpler times, where gathering with loved ones at the chip shop was a cherished weekly tradition.
For many, the golden, crispy goodness of the fish, and the tender, fluffy chips served in a paper wrapper signify more than just a meal; they embody a sense of community, togetherness, and tradition.

These humble elements are deeply intertwined with feelings of shared laughter and the warmth of family and friends, providing a sense of emotional connection even in the absence of detailed memories.

For individuals facing the challenges of a dementia and memory loss, indulging in a serving of fish and chips can do more than satisfy their taste buds. It can provide a comforting embrace where every bite carries with it a multitude of happy emotions, the joy of shared meals, the warmth of friendships, and the love of family. In these moments, the humble fish and chips become more than a culinary delight; they become a vessel of treasured moments, allowing individuals to evoke the sense of the happiness of bygone days, one delicious bite at a time.

So every Friday at Frome, you can count on fish and chips to be there to welcome you.