Somerset Nursing Home

Mothers’ Day was celebrated with flair and pomp at Frome Nursing Home. All the residents thoroughly enjoyed the day and themselves as they interacted with the staff and the many guests that had shown up to participate in the celebrations with them.

Frome Nursing Home is a particularly special home for people with health needs especially those affected by Dementia. The home can care for 60 individuals. It has also been rated to be among the top twenty care providers in the South West of England. The home recognizes that each individual should receive personalized attention and that its entire staff must uphold high standards when it comes to dignity, privacy, choice, and independence. Frome Nursing Home offers excellent services including good home-cooked food and accommodation, things that make the lives of the residents comfortable and pleasant.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the facility organized such an enjoyable event for the people who reside there. All parents deserve to be appreciated for all the hard work they put into raising their children. Mothers’ Day was the day when all the mothers at the home would receive all the love and attention they needed to feel appreciated and valued. The management invited the community and the family members, as well as, the friends of all the residents to help them celebrate the day.

People showed up in large numbers and appeared ready and happy to spend the day entertaining the residents and enjoying the day with them. The home provided a wide range and selection of food, snacks, and drinks for everyone. There was also an area set aside outside for everyone to sit together, eat, interact and laugh together. The atmosphere was intoxicating with the excitement, fun and wide grins on the faces of all the residents. One of the residents expressed her gratitude for having such a lovely place to call home and for having caring people who could organize such a beautiful event just for them.

Another resident exclaimed at how pretty the decoration was at the home. A few members of the community and the staff volunteered their time to decorate the place with special love hearts and flowers and other forms of decor to help set the mood.

Not only was the food and decor excellent, the activities that had been planned were also charming and exciting. The management had come up with a list of activities that the residents and their loved ones would take part in to ensure optimum enjoyment. The morning hours were set aside for the relative and friends to spend with their friends and families reminiscing. After the one on one activities with families, everyone came together to listen to stories about the mothers residing in the home told by their friends and families. Some of these stories were touching, and some people shed a tear or two. Others were funny and tore the crowd up in laughter.

There were also small games that everyone could play. At the end of the long day, everyone was tired and happy. And all the mothers in the home received a bunch of flowers before the closing of the event. It was truly a beautiful day, one that the families, community, and friends spend appreciating these amazing people.