In recognition of World Environment Day, Frome Nursing Home organised a series of community-driven activities aimed at enhancing the local environment and fostering a sense of unity among residents (fondly referred to as family members) and team members.

Community Activities for Unity and Environment

In recognition of World Environment Day, Frome Nursing Home organized community activities to enhance the local environment and foster unity among family members and team members.

Litter-Picking Activity

Residents and team members participated in a community litter-picking activity around the nursing home, promoting cleanliness in our local area.

Gardening for All

For those who preferred not to join the litter pick, there was an option to plant seedlings in our garden. For those with mobility issues, team members visited their rooms to ensure everyone could participate.

Book Swap Initiative

Additionally, the care home introduced a book swap. Team members brought old books to exchange and engaged in conversations about literature with family members. Book swaps promote recycling, reduce the demand for new resources, and minimize landfill contributions in Somerset.

Appreciating Nature

World Environment Day is about appreciating nature. Connecting with nature is important for family members, especially those with dementia, as it can evoke positive memories and a sense of normalcy. Activities like gardening have therapeutic benefits, such as improving mental clarity and reducing cognitive fatigue.

Commitment to Support and Community

Frome Nursing Home is a care home who supports individuals living with complex needs based in Somerset, committed to providing a supportive environment for our family members. As part of our ethos of a continuation of, we believe in fostering a vibrant community where everyone can contribute and thrive.

Outside in the sun!

Planting to sustain the garden environment












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