Frome Nursing Home in Somerset threw a fun event inspired by Glastonbury, the UK’s biggest festival. Locals, residents (fondly called family members), and their families all joined in the festivities. On June 22nd, the nursing home transformed into a mini festival, featuring live music, mime acts, and lots of colourful decorations. Who needs muddy fields when you can have just as much fun in your own town!


One fabulous highlight of the event was the mime performance by Cassie, Frome’s Home Administrator. Her performance, paired with the classic mime attire of a white face and red scarf, only added to the fun and high-spirits of the day.


Music obviously was a big part of the day, with family member John Whittle jamming on the guitar and the care home’s team showing off their musical talents. Everyone entered the festival spirit wearing fun outfits, and they decorated the place with colourful bunting, balloons, and cool art installations. “It really looked and felt like the real Glastonbury!” said Becky Press Home Manager. “The community spirit was so uplifting, bringing us all together that felt amazing”.

Family Members

Family members had a great time spending time with their loved ones, relaxing, and enjoying the festivities, including a BBQ lunch. Then, there was a touching moment when a family member gave a thumbs-up while surrounded by friends and family, perfectly capturing the happiness and togetherness the event was all about.

The Glastonbury event at Frome Nursing Home was a huge hit, bringing laughter and a real sense of community to everyone involved. It showed how social events can help build stronger connections among the family members, proving that you’re never too old to enjoy a good festival!


John Whittle taking main stage!

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