Extra Funding for Frome Nursing Home

Somerset Nursing Home
With the NHS and local authority budgets at full stretch, gaps in care are being identified across the county. To assist with the rising cost of care and to help people get the care they need and deserve, Frome Nursing Home a Somerset Nursing Home has been granted access to a special subsidy fund from Evolve Care Group.

This £1m subsidy fund is open to people requiring residential or nursing care at our Somerset Nursing Home in Frome. Applicants for the subsidies will receive a free clinical assessment to identify their individual care needs and to discuss their suitability for the home.

Margaret Rhodes, the Registered Manager at Frome Nursing Home, told us “we have recognised that the cost of quality care can be very high, and often causes additional stress for the families in an already stressful and demanding situation.”

A funding committee that includes members of the care team at Frome Nursing Home will make a decision on the application for the subsidy following the assessment. Mrs Rhodes told us that “if you know an elderly person requiring care or just want a specialist clinical opinion for someone who is in care already, it is worth contacting us and arranging a free assessment. Even if it’s just for peace of mind regarding their care needs.”

Frome Nursing Home provides a home-from-home feel in an elegant, warm, and adaptable environment. Purposefully designed to provide an unrivalled level of care by skilled and knowledgeable staff for those that call it home.

The fund will mean that quality care is something that is available for the whole community, not just the wealthy. For those interested in the fund, please contact Frome Nursing Home’s arranging support team on 0117 287 2566 or you can get in touch via email arrangingsupport@fromecarevillage.com.