Somerset Nursing Home

December is National Business Plan Month, which encourages people to stop and consider the best way to progress at work. Our Somerset Nursing Home in Frome which is part of Evolve Care Group pioneering model of care means it is regularly doing this for every single individual who lives at the home. This ensures the support available is at its very best, no matter the situation.

The needs and lifestyle choices of those living at the home are always at the forefront of activities, rather than just targets for the team to complete. This means that there are always exciting, engaging, and meaningful activities going on around the home. This could be something as complicated as baking a cake, or something as simple as spending time in the sensory pub.

Frome Nursing Home’s assessment tool also relies on careful planning on how best to support an individual’s physical and emotional needs. The specialist team talks to the individual concerned and their family and friends, as well as consulting their medical records. Since every person is unique, and therefore, will require different amounts of support, the Evolve Assessment Tool then calculates a weekly fee dependant on the level of support required to fulfil a person’s needs, both physically and emotionally.

To celebrate the start of the month, the team at our Somerset Nursing Home in Frome sat down with every resident to ensure they found out their “business plans”.

Frome Nursing Home’s Manager, Margaret Rhodes, told us “Planning is such an important process here and indeed for any business. Without careful consideration of the needs of everyone who lives with us, we cannot offer the support that enables them in the best possible way. It was great to sit down with those that live in the home, and discuss their goals for 2017 and the rest of 2016.”

Frome Nursing Home supports up to 60 individuals with various nursing and residential needs and is currently recruiting nurses and care workers to join its award winning team.

For more details please contact us via email or call 01373 468 020.