Garden TherapyIn a heartwarming display of embracing nature and fostering a sense of community, residents of Frome Nursing Home have been relishing their time in garden therapy, engaging in various activities and nurturing their own tomato plants.

Residents, who are fondly referred to as family members, spent the day basking in the sunshine and vibrant garden space as part of garden therapy. Ping pong tables were set up, inviting family members to showcase their skills and engage in friendly competition, whilst paddling pools were arranged to provide a refreshing break.

The garden was a hub of activity with family members also planting and caring for their own tomato plants, with the help and guidance from maintenance-person Gary. The sense of accomplishment has boosted morale and instilled a renewed sense of purpose among the care home, as they embraced their green thumbs.

Frome Nursing Home is based in Somerset. Their approach to life recognises the importance of creating a home that represents a true continuation of life for each individual living within the home.

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