Each Person with us

Introducing Fuad

“Each person with us, past and present are truly special and are treated as such and it shows.”

At Frome Nursing Home you can find some of Somerset’s most compassionate, attentive, and endearing people. Fuad Rahman is certainly one of them.

“I am a House Leader. That means I am here to provide reassurance, leadership and most importantly confidence to my team. I see myself in a supportive role, providing team members with my insight and explanations to various aspects of care.”

Fuad continues, “It is always great to be faced with questions from someone that is starting their journey with us, which will require much from them both physically and emotionally. I would never ask my colleagues to do something I wouldn’t do myself.”

Fuad started at Frome Nursing Home in August 2017. Having never experienced care before, and in desperate need of a job to support his family a chance came out of the blue.
“To be frank, Frome Nursing Home chose me. I had just come out of working at a restaurant for a few years and was a full-time dad for a few months prior. I had applied for Pizza Hut and Frome Nursing Home via a website called Indeed. Pizza Hut did not offer me a role, but Frome Nursing Home did. And the rest as they say, is history.”

No to Pizza Oven, Yes to Care and Loving

Pizza Hut’s loss was Frome Nursing Home’s gain. At the home he is entrusted with caring for some of Somerset’s parents, grandparents and great grandparents! Fuad’s attentive and compassionate nature made him a perfect fit for the home.

Frome Nursing Home seek out life experience and emotional intelligence. Those who are people driven, act with integrity, consistently strive for excellence and are compassionate. These qualities can’t be taught in any classroom, lecture theatre or by taking any test. They are traits that make up our core values as individual human beings.

It is this natural humanity and care that enables connections with those who Fuad supports and takes care of at the home. “For me, it’s the interaction and sharing of knowledge, opinions and experience with my colleagues. I enjoy learning about the people that are my family for 12 hours a day. We are a diverse group of individuals who share the same values, and when we are there together, we become one amazing, value driven team. That’s what I enjoy the most.”

“We have a strong cultural ethos and our home is a place of friendship, camaraderie, teamwork and a common journey. These traits have truly come together in these times of Covid-19.” Fuad said.

Covid-19 has posed a real challenge across society, but particularly for those in care, where the possibility of infection can have serious consequences. A reflection on the pandemic, and the associated feelings caused has fostered a harmonic unity for the Frome team, Fuad explains.

“I remember saying in April 2020 to my team how scary and uncertain the current pandemic has made our lives. It is human nature to doubt ourselves. The fear, anxiety, uncertainty all combines to create a perfect storm in the minds of every carer, every human, where we are all vulnerable, together. We are a collective and we are facing this together. It is a strangely uniting experience.”

Inspirations and Hope

In spite of the challenges posed in the last year, Fuad’s boundless enthusiasm is infectious and can fill even the emptiest of half glasses with hope. His romanticism of both the home and passion for caring for those who live at the home is an inspiration to itself.

“Well, immediate matters of concern, is the pandemic. I pray that all our efforts keep our community safe through this. Beyond that, I hope the home continues to be a place of comfort, memories and love.

“I most certainly would recommend Frome Nursing Home to anyone regardless of their past occupation or experience. I may be biased but I feel the home is set in unmatched grandeur in its surroundings, set atop a hill, secluded by nature, flora and fauna.”

It is unsurprising, having heard Fuad enthusiastically discuss his role at the home, his affection for the people he now considers family and his embracing of the last four years, what his advice is for someone considering a role at the home.

“To anyone who is thinking about it, I would say go into it with an open mind. I was quite fortunate to not have had much exposure to this sector before starting at Frome Nursing Home and I think that was a positive. No two days are the same and always be ready to learn from others. Each person with us, past and present are truly special and are treated as such and it shows.”

If you’ve been inspired by Fuad’s story and want to know more about being a team member at Frome get in touch with us.

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