Somerset Nursing Home

Residents and staff at the award-winning Somerset Nursing Home in Frome have decided to keep Christmas going into the New Year!

Frome Nursing Home part of Evolve Care Group provides 24hr care and support with residential care available in a recently refurbished home.

The Manager, Maggie Rhodes, told us “Christmas is no time to be alone. We were fortunate to have many delicious treats, festive decorations and lots of laughter. Unfortunately, many elderly and vulnerable people in the Community had to spend Christmas alone. We therefore decided to keep our decorations up and keep the festive cheer going into the New Year so local people who missed out can have some Christmas fun!”

She went on to say that if readers know of any elderly neighbours or friends who were alone at Christmas they should contact the team at Frome Nursing Home who will be delighted to arrange a special belated Christmas with all the trimmings.

The team at Frome Nursing Home have recently been trained in a new model of care, which aims to provide better outcomes for those living with dementia.
Maggie went on to tell us “The Evolve Household Model of Care has completely changed our approach and resulted in much better experiences for those living with us. We have a few free places on the course and local Care Workers or nurses are invited to contact me for more details”.

If you would like to contact us please use the following email or call 0117 287 2566.