Mental health is something that may affect us at some point in our lives. In the UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year. Even though we may relate to the struggle, it is important to know that with the right kind of support, we can strengthen our ability to perform and thrive in the workplace. Evolve Care Group value the importance of mental wellbeing and want to lead the change to encourage people to talk about their mental health in the workplace. Here are some of the ways we support people within our community.


Karen Tidy is a central part of Evolve Care Group and although her role as Governance Nurse supports the people that live with us, she also supports the people working with us.

Karen’s presence alone exudes a comforting energy that draws people in, unaware of her own openness and remarkable ability to make people feel at ease, where people often feel comfortable to confide in her, making them feel truly heard and understood.

I recently had the opportunity to have a coffee with Karen while she was visiting our central support office in Bristol. Although this was my first-time meeting Karen, I was struck by her openness when talking about mental health and her ability to empathise through her own experiences “I live with anxiety, so I can feel what people feel. It’s not what I trained for, it’s through experiences I’ve had.”

During COVID, Karen was the first point of contact for relatives who were unable to see their loved ones due to the pandemic restrictions. Her role during this time was to keep relatives informed on the wellbeing of their loved ones, but during the conversations she found that because of her empathetic nature she could sense when a person wasn’t feeling at their best.  Karen found that she soon fell into the role of supporting relatives with anxieties of their own.


There are many elements in life where anxiety can develop. For some of us this can be through work, so the investment into a welfare team was vital to us. Tina and Jay are members of our welfare team who offer support for all team members 24/7, be it work or personal support needed. They equip team members with the tools they need to tackle their anxiety and advise as they put them into practice. Working in care entails navigating a variety of emotions while dedicating time and energy into providing support for others “a problem shared is a problem halved – talking helps! Don’t let things build up. Squash them whilst they are still small and easy to deal with.” – Tina & Jay.


Evolve’s care academy offers face to face social care courses in Bristol for all who are part of the group. The training is also an opportunity to share experiences with people from the other Evolve homes across Devon, Somerset and South Wales, who you may not see on a day-to-day basis. However, for some, travelling to Bristol and meeting a group of people you don’t know can be a scary prospect and fill you with anxiety.

Becky Cox, Evolve’s HR Lead explains that “education is truly the foundation of social care and Evolve understands this with unwavering passion. We surpass the ordinary confines of standard training certificates, consistently embracing forward-thinking approaches and pushing the boundaries of innovation in our team’s development. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to ensure the training room is a safe space for all to feel comfortable throughout the day. We invite team members who maybe a little anxious to wear something yellow, to symbolise to the leaders on the day that some may feel uncomfortable answering in front of a group.“

Becky went on to explain that “during the last training day there was a lady who faced a personal struggle as the weight of the content resurfaced memories from her own life. After the training day she approached Jay, who supported her to build confidence, and develop coping mechanisms for next time if similar feelings arise.”

We endeavour to find ways to manage and live alongside our mental health struggles, seeking out support to help us navigate the challenges of life. We understand the importance of your mental health and want you to know that we are here to support you every step of the way. We seek the very best version of you. Your exceptional care and devotion make a genuine difference in the lives of the people who live with us. Your excellence is indispensable, as those in need depend on the best version of you. If you practise self-care and open communication, you can build genuine connections and thrive in your work and life, with Evolve by your side along the way.

If you are interested in hearing more about how Evolve Care Group offer supportive career opportunities across all their care and nursing homes, we would love to hear from you.

For more information and supportive resources, feel free to explore our Helpful Resources page.